Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study was approved by the Steering Committee in December 2022 and is being used to guide the project.

The cover page of the NIHC Feasibility Study.

The NIHC facility in Iqaluit will feature:

Interactive long-term and temporary exhibitions
Language, sewing, arts, woodworking, and carving, butchering, and skin preparation spaces
Visible storage, specialized Inuit and northern library, access to archival materials, map tables, screening and digital makerspace
Indoor and outdoor performance spaces
Elders/scholars/artists’ hostel and daycare centre
Café featuring country food, training and catering; shop featuring arts, crafts and supplies
Collections storage facilities and conservation laboratory
Boardroom and offices

This study explores the potential spaces, exhibitions and programs, preservation and access, site analysis, capital and operating costs and revenues, and recommends that the Centre be built as one facility for both public and curatorial functions. The study also proposed development of a Heritage Network throughout Nunavut that will be developed in collaboration with community members.